Monday, November 18, 2013

5 Tips on How Not To Be Burglarized While You're on Holiday Many of us are planning to go out of town for the Holidays, making next weekend the perfect opportunity for thieves to target your apartment. Here are some easy steps you can take to keep your valuables safe. 
1) Do not post anything on social media like Facebook and Twitter that indicates that you will be out of town and your apartment will be vacant. 
2) Take any items of value that you can with you. If your apartment is targeted you only stand to loose what's in it.
3) Buy renters insurance. It's not that expensive and protects you from more than burglary...policies usually cover your items that may be destroyed by fires or flooding. 
4) Put a light on a timer to make it appear that someone is at home.
5) Check that your doors and windows are locked. Double hung style windows can appear to be locked when in fact the latch is not lined up properly. It would be an uncommon thief that doesn't check to see if a window is simply open to gain easy entry...
Have a Safe and Happy Thanksgiving!