Thursday, February 20, 2014

Water is leaking into my apartment!

Related imageWater leaks are a serious problem that can cause major damage if left unchecked.  There are a number of reasons that can cause a water leak. Try to determine where the leak is coming from and at what time it occurs, if possible, then notify the office or after hours, the emergency maintenance line as soon as you can by calling 734-480-7400.




The first step to solving the problem is determining where the leak is located. If the leak is in the bathroom or kitchen there are more sources to check than if in a livingroom or bedroom. A specific tell tale sign is if the leak is confined to one specific area or is spread out over a large part of the ceiling.

Bathroom Leaks

The most common sources of leaking in a bathroom are from the toilet or bathtub. Toilets have a gasket made of wax that can deteriorate and allow water to leak out mostly when the toilet is flushed. Bathtubs have a drain gasket and caulking that can deteriorate and let water out. When a bathtub area leaks, it can cause water damage on the ceiling below. If there are any damaged pipes the water leak will be constant and not related to flushing or bathing.

Plumbing Leaks

Plumbing leaks are usually from pipe joints or drains. They are usually found in a kitchen area ceiling, although they can occur in bathrooms around the sink area. Because of the fact that pipes are run through walls, if the leak is where the ceiling and the wall come together, it is probably a plumbing leak. The wall below the ceiling will show signs of water damage as the water flows down the inside of the wall.

Attic Leaks

Rain entering through a leaking roof or condensation inside the attic can channel water along beams and rafters that can deposit water anywhere on the ceiling. Condensation occurs during periods of fluctuating temperatures, while a leaking roof only happens during a rainstorm.

Ice Damming

Water can be forced into the structure of a building if it gets trapped behind a blockage of ice. You may see leaking "coming out of the woodwork" as it seeps and gathers on the top of window frames or door walls. This often happens after a particularly cold period where ice formations grow followed by a warm period when the melting begins. To minimize these leaks, try to keep porch areas and framework on top of sliding door walls and windows that you can reach free of snow and ice build up.

Please contact the office at 734-480-7400 as soon as possible if you discover water leaking into your apartment.


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