Monday, April 28, 2014

DIY Drawer Organizer

Here's a fun and easy craft project that will help organize silverware and "clutter drawers". These separations are easily customized to what you have in your drawer and they are removable so they are not attached to the drawer itself.

 All it takes are a few items from the local hardware store:

Measuring tape
Coping Saw (Lowe's has one for about $7)
Sand paper
Wood glue (Titebond makes a glue that is FDA approved for indirect food contact)
Parchment paper
1/4" x 3 x 2 craft board (I used 5 pieces for the silverware drawer @ $1.46 each, and 3 pieces for the utility drawer)

First empty the drawer. 

Measure the length of the drawer and cut the number of vertical separations you want. After each cut you will want to sand the edges down and eliminate splintered areas. Be sure to be as accurate and straight as you can when you mark your lines. 

Line your drawer with parchment paper.

Place the vertical separations where you want them and measure the lengths you need for horizontal separations. When the pieces are positioned the way you want them it's time to get glueing....

Remember: We are not going to glue the pieces to the drawer itself, only to each other...
Use a Qtip to smooth out any beads of glue. Don't worry too much about the glue being smooth, it dries completely clear.

Let the glue dry overnight and in the morning it is ready for use! 

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